Marble Paper Filing Cabinet

Last week I was working like crazy to get my new craft space/office/library/kids’ space all finished up. It is done and I LOVE it. I will be sharing a full tour soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share one of my favorite DIYs from the room with you all today. 
A couple months ago I posted a round up of some amazing marble paper DIYs. Around the same time, I ordered some marbled paper from Paper Mojo, but I still hadn’t done much with it. I decided to use my favorite piece to fancy up our plain cheap-o filing cabinet.
The lighting in that photo is pretty horrible, but can you tell how gorgeous that piece of paper is? It is really so gorgeous – the metallic gold and inky black! I just love it. I’m so happy that gorgeous piece of paper has a happy permanent home in my craft space now. 
If you want to DIY your own marble paper filing cabinet, here’s what you’ll need:
So, here’s what we started with. Sad little thing, right? Don’t worry – we’ll fancy her up right quick.
I started off by pulling the drawers out of the filing cabinet and removing the drawer pulls and lock. 
I took those drawer pulls and gave them a coat of metal leaf adhesive. The adhesive needs to dry for 30 minutes to get nice and tacky before applying the metal leaf. When the adhesive is ready, apply the metal leaf, brush off the excess, and then apply a layer of sealant.
While the drawer pulls were drying, I placed the paper on top of the drawer line up the placement of the marble design. 

Then I cut the paper to fit the two drawer fronts. To adhere the paper to the drawer front, apply an even coat of decoupage to the entire drawer font, and then smooth the paper onto the drawer front. 

Then apply a coat of decoupage over the top of the paper. When the decoupage is dry, reattach the drawer pulls and lock and return the drawers to the cabinet. Voila! Gorgeous new filing cabinet.

And here’s a little sneak peek of my new craft space! Can’t wait to share the whole space with you all soon:
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    It looks amazing! Your marbled paper roundup inspired me, I had my sister send me marbling paints so I just need to get busy and test them out.