Back to School $300 Target Giveaway

This must be the week of awesome giveaways because I have another great one for you all today! (P.S. Check out the ultimate Silhouette giveaway HERE and a giveaway for custom-curated art over on instagram!)

Has school already started where you are or are you still rushing around finishing up your back to school shopping like me? Either way, we could all put a Target gift card to good use, amiright? Yeah, you know that’s right.

Good luck!!

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  1. says

    Target will always be special…when I was a brandy new mom I knew they&#39;d be open, early or late! Plus there was always someone there who would smile at me and coo at the baby.<br /><br />And…Starbucks.

  2. says

    Target is close to my<br />house and they have<br />things I need! Bought<br />a table for my sewing<br />machine last week!<br />Carla from Utah